FarSounder is the world leader in the manufacture of 3D Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) and Ship Protection Systems. This innovative technology allows mariners the comfort of safe navigation through knowing what lies ahead. The systems are easy to use and integrate and eco-friendly.


FarSounder's 3D sonar technology is based on solid state, phased array sensors and a suite of sophisticated software applications. A single sensor mounted in the bow offers navigation capabilities, while multiple sensors mounted around the vessel offer both 360° diver detection and forward looking navigation capabilities.

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Navigation Systems

navigation sonar coverage
  • Realtime 3D Forward Looking Sonar
  • 1/2 or 1/4 Nautical Mile Range
  • No Moving Parts
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Ship Protection Systems

sps coverage
  • 360° Diver Detection on Anchor
  • Navigation Sonar while Underway
  • Fixed Installation
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Forward Looking Navigation Sonars


Intuitive 3D Display

FarSounder's navigation systems are the only products capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges. We've worked hard to develop an easy to understand user interface.

Nothing is more clear than a real-time picture of what is underwater ahead of you. See more examples in our Screen Shots Gallery.


Sonar Over Charts

Situational awareness is key to safe navigation. FarSounder paints a clear picture by displaying 3D forward looking sonar data on top of a nautical chart. Our software includes chart plotting using C-Map vector charts

Our chart overlay includes the sea floor below and ahead of the vessel as well as objects in the water. Our Local History Mapping™ capability persists the bathymetric history as the vessel transits.

fixed installation

Fixed Installation

No moving parts means easy integration into the hull without complicated maintenance headaches. There is no hydraulic hoist so you don't need to give up valuable space inside the vessel.

Our installation design is suitable for vessels with or without a bulb on both refit and new-builds. See more examples in our Installation Gallery.


Fast Update Rate

Phased array technology enables FarSounder's sonars to generate the entire 3D image with a single ping.

Unlike scanning sonars, there is no need to wait for a sweep to complete before displaying the image.

Our Navigation Products

  FarSounder-500 FarSounder-1000
  Full Technical Specifications Full Technical Specifications
Range/Field of View

Field of View

100m, 200m, 500m x 90°

Field of View

100m, 200m, 500m x 90°
1000m x 60°

Chart Overlay C-MAP C-MAP
Local History Mapping check mark check mark
Integration into 3rd Party ECDIS/ECS Wärtsilä SAM ElectronicsTransas, Sperry-Marine
3D Forward Looking Display check mark check mark
Operational Speed up to 20 knots up to 25 knots